The Amazing EE6000 Wireless HD Borescope For Your Smart Phone...
The Amazing EE6000 Wireless HD Borescope For Your Smart Phone...
The All New Wireless EE6000 Gets The Highest Resolution In Its Class! A Full 1600x1200 HD Video and Images Right To Your Device! 
The All New Wireless EE6000 Gets The Highest Resolution In Its Class! A Full 1600x1200 HD Video and Images Right To Your Device! 
"Its the Best Borescope we've ever used!" - Tony Elrod (Elrod Racing)
"Its the Best Borescope we've ever used!" - Tony Elrod (Elrod Racing)
"For the price Nothing even comes close!" - 
"For the price Nothing even comes close!" - 
"It's better than my co-workers $350 Snap-on!" - J.Larson 
"It's better than my co-workers $350 Snap-on!" - J.Larson 
Now Just $49.95!
*** Guaranteed To Outperform Your Expensive Shop Borescopes or Your Money Back!
**Compare the images below to other more expensive Borescope options!
Turn ANY Phone or Device Into a Professional Wireless Borescope!
** Expensive shop Borescopes lack a powerful image processor, so tapping into the “super computer” in your pocket just made sense...

Now, you can see inside anything with a level of clarity you just gotta see to believe!
(Now Just $49.95)
*** Guaranteed To Outperform Your Expensive Shop Borescopes or Your Money Back!
*See for yourself with confidence, we give you a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee!
* Compare these images below to other more expensive Borescope options!
"We LOVE The EE6000! Definitely beats our Shop Scope without question, we can't believe how clear the images are!"  - Elrod Racing
Over Priced Shop Borescopes Have Been Rendered Obsolete!
Even a $1,000 Dollar Scope Can't Compare!"...
"Even a $1,000 Shop
Scope Can't Compare!"...
"For The Price Nothing Even Comes Close!" - Independant Review
"For The Price Nothing Even Comes Close!" - Independant Review
Expensive Shop Borescopes Have Been Rendered Obsolete!
Crazy as it sounds, mechanics and technicians everywhere are tossing aside their $350 to $1,000 Professional Borescopes to get their hands on this, Why?  
Because it works better! 

Super Crisp clear images and video, a rigid water-proof cable, fully adjustable LED lights and a ROBUST App for your phone make this a coveted item among gear heads!  

They claim the digital images and video produced by the compact Pro Series EE6000 Wireless Borescopes are so clear and vibrant that they render their expensive shop Borescopes obsolete!

AND, at around 1/10th the cost, the EE6000 is certainly causing a stir.

Its small, its compact, but don't let the size fool you. This unit delivers stunning images and video, right to ANY smart phone!

AND, with the convenience of wireless you can now use the EE6000 Pro Series on any of your devices. (Even multiple devices at the same time!)
The EE6000 Wireless Borescopes boast an impressive 1600x1200p HD Video, (Highest resolution in its class!) as well as Brilliant and stable 2 Million pixel images, a 10ft cable length and 8mm camera head, you can get into the tightest spaces...

* Cylinder Heads
* Piston Crowns
* Crank Cases
* Transmissions
* Rifle Barrels
* Pipes
* Walls and Vents and more!

The EE600 lets you "See inside" just about ANYTHING!

Simply connect your device 'wirelessly' and you're ready to go. (The EE6000 easily connects directly to your phones wifi.)

Also unique to the EE6000 series is the patented OVC sensor technology, as well as a much larger CMOS chip that ensures crisp clear vibrant images, like this...
Going inside a spark plug hole... The tiny HD camera can go inside almost anything...
Get sharp clear HD images from the engine compartment...
Electrical conduit is not off limits, like we said, this thing can get inside just about anything...
Get right inside the cylinder!, As if the head was off!
Guaranteed Quality and Performance!
Guaranteed Quality and Performance!
When it came to quality and design of the EE6000 Pro Series line of Borescopes we spared no expense. Our camera is better, our CMOS chip is bigger and overall image quality is far superior.
Mark Deaton owner of the Tech garage had this to say "We searched for 2 years for a manufacturer that was willing to work with us, and finally found one willing to help us build a Wireless Borescope second to none!"
Tony Elrod and the 'Elrod Racing Team' winners of the "2017 Gator Nationals" televised on ESPN and FOX Sports had this to say about the EE6000 Wireless Borescopes...
"Its the Best Borescope we've ever used, we
fully endorse the EE6000 Borescope!"
Tony Elrod - Elrod Racing
"The EE6000 is Our Top Gadget of 2017!"  Elrod Racing!
"Smarter (and less expensive) Borescopes are disrupting the industry!"
Turns ANY Device into a High Definition Video and Image Borescope Ready for Professional Use!
What Others Are Saying About The EE6000!
Its a Better Wireless Borescope!
Why pay $350 or up to $1,000 dollars for old outdated technology.  The EE6000 Pro Series Wireless Borescope is built using the latest technology in image processing and stabilization. 
You get better image quality, the convenience of wireless and it will work on any smart phone, tablet or computer. 

Get 1600x1200 Video and 2 Million Pixel Images and save them to your phone, text them to customers or team members etc.  
Our Promise To You!
** We know you'll love the EE6000 Borescope.  In fact we're so confident that you'll be blown away that we give you a solid 30 day no questions asked guarantee!

If you aren't thrilled for ANY REASON, shoot us an email and we'll not only give you a prompt and courteous refund, we'll also pay for return shipping! 
  • The EE6000 Wireless HD BORESCOPE is an incredible optics tool for ANY job that requires you to "see inside" where you couldn't see before!
  • A Full 10 Feet of RIGID, durable and waterproof cable allow you to get inside even dirty nasty wet tight spaces.
  • The EE6000 has the highest resolution available in the Borescope Industry! (1600x1200p Standard, plus stunning 2 Million pixel images!)
  • Additional Clarity enhancement is achieved with a CMOS chip that is bigger and better than even the big expensive shop borescopes. 
  • A fully adjustable set of 8 LED lights allow you to light up dark places and get full HD video and images!
  • 8mm camera head allows you to get inside just about anything. 
  • Fully compatible with ANY smartphone, tablet computer etc.
  • Get stunning crystal clear images and video!
  • Simply connect to your phones WIFI and your ready to go!
  • Simple and easy to use!
  • Comes with a standard 30 day NO QUESTIONS guarantee (we even pay return ship[ping) with 1 year extended protection options available!
  • You can't go wrong with the EE6000 Wireless Borescopes!
** FREE 30 Day Satisfaction Warranty Included! (We Even Pay For Returns!)

** 24 hr. RUSH Shipping From Our Idaho Warehouse!

** Insurance Included - Your Scope is 100% Insured During Shipping!

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